Representative Cases

representive-cases-boulder-lawyers-win-cases-sm“True practice of law requires the faithful pursuit of justice.  Justice, in turn, requires us to ethically and effectively represent our clients’ interests, utilizing all of the skills and resources available to us.”
-Mark E. Biddison

The attorneys at Stevens, Littman, Biddison, Tharp & Weinberg, LLC have won many noteworthy cases over the course of their legal careers.  See the Colorado State Judicial Branch website for additional information regarding the case citations below.

Interests in trusts as marital property in divorce cases

Probate Litigation

Availability of Workers Compensation Award for payment of child support arrearage

Grounds for deviating from child support guidelines

Modification of child support based on winning the lottery

Evidence of religious beliefs in determining child custody

Equitable subdivision of real property in divorce settlement

Driver’s negligence may not be imputed to passenger

Contribution among joint tortfeasors

COBRA health insurance coverage involving multiple policies

Elements of civil conspiracy

Fraudulent transfers in bankruptcy cases

Guarantee of commercial leases

Private condemnation of real property for access to property

Exclusion of Expert Witness testimony/ Judgment notwithstanding the Verdict

Trial Court Jurisdiction to issue Rule 54(b) Certification after filing of Notice of Appeal